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Adventures of a Day-Walking Warrior Poet

Camp War Pony Day Six: Winter is Here.

Last night I got off work and drove south. Drove up to about 11,000 feet and parked the War Pony on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. It was snowing HARD. The roads were terrible, a mix of snow, slush, and ice. But I couldn't have been more excited. This was going to be a fairly significant test of all systems, and I was going to wake up in the snow. 




Woke up to four new inches of snow. Enough to cover up all my tracks of driving into the spot. It got down to 19 degrees. I left one of my bottles outside of my "cooler" (which I use to keep things warm) just for curiosity's sake. Below is the picture of the frozen water. 


Even at 19 degrees, I was toasty warm in my bag. I woke up sweating once and had to unzip the bag a little. Today I'm going to finish my propane heater set-up. Yesterday the woman at the propane store built me most of an awesome little custom mount/valve for my heater. I'll show the finished product and chat about it tomorrow, along with a review of how it works in tonights predicted single digits. 

This was the first night that felt like true freedom. Before this, I'd been parking fairly close to town in "safe" places. Last night was real, and I couldn't have enjoyed it more.